Repair and Restoration Details

We also do repair and reconstruction work for your photos.  This can be done to enhance the quality of your images for a presentation.   What we do is meet with you to see what you have, and what we believe has to be done to get the photo(s) to your liking.   This initial consult is free.  We would then prepare an estimate of cost and email this to you.  

If you agree, we would need the photo(s) and your deposit (50%) to start the work.  

This first example required MAJOR work.  The photo had lost color and deteriorated to the point of peeling.  The complete image had cracks throughout.  After repair and rebuilding the lost areas we then worked on the face to remove cracks throughout.  Reconstruct one eye and restore color.

The photos below show examples of an easier restoration.  We were able to bring it back to original black and white and correct the lost contrast.  

The best way to save your prints, is to catch them as early as possible in the deterioration process.  If you get them early and then digitize them you will protect them from any further deterioration and, of course, save a lot of money because they will not need major repair or restoration work.  

So take a look at those photos you have in boxes or a drawer stored away and see if we can get them digitized to prevent further damage. 

 Contact us now to set up that free consultation appointment!!