Event Photography Details

Getting out of the sand.
Capturing each foursome..






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We use our artistic talents to capture the special moments,  so that you have a lasting memory of your unique event.

Would you like an event photographed  and then made into one of our special Photo Presentation Services? These are digital multi media presentations that include photos, video, documents and music  that you help design so you look just the way you want to. 

It plays just like a movie and you play it on your TV, computer, smart phone etc.  We also can put them on our youtube channel so you can go there or send anyone there at anytime to watch your presentaton.   Yes, you can even put them on your web page.   Show off your latest products or services in a way that entertains your audience.  

Let us help you make the most of your event by artistically photographing the event and then creating the presentation that you want.  Set up a FREE appointment to see us NOW,  

On a personal basis, we do family reunions, class reunions, The Life of….. , special anniversary parties.  We create keepsakes for you to enjoy for years to come.

We also do family day portraits at nursing homes, senior centers and similar facilities. Just imagine getting the whole family together to create that special memory for your loved one.    We work with nursing homes to help them create a unique family day event

Catching a great approach shot..
Action at the auction.




For your business we capture events like conventions, seminars, golf outings, holiday dinner events.  A wonderful way for you to follow up with those special clients and keep in touch.

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