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Our multi media shows are on sale

As you know a lot of what we do is multi media shows that are custom made with your photos videos and documents.


To help you start your holiday shopping with some unique ideas, we have established some discounts to help save money in these times. 

We have put our Multi media slide shows on sale.  Imagine creating a custom show with your photos, videos, documents of the grandchildren as a special gift to the grandparents.  Yes, uncles and aunts enjoy them also.  The sky is the limit of what you can do with your own photos.  We can also put them on line so you wan watch or show them anytime.

Ask us to send you a sample.

So here is our special offer.  We will give you a 10% discount on the total cost of your show.  This offer will end on Nov. 15. 2020 at 6PM.  So get your order in to us by then and save. 

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