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Did you know that……..

All of our images are limited editions of 50 each.   Once the 50th is sold, the image is then archived and no more are available.

All sizes shown are the mat size.   This is the size you need when you purchase a frame.   All the sizes of matted photos we sell are standard frame sizes.

We use acid free paper and mat.  The inks we use are archival quality. This is done to provide you with the highest level of longevity that we can.

The rustic frame shown is an example of what we have.   Each frame is unique due to the variances of the wood.  We do our best to match the rustic frame to your image.  So each one is hand selected just for you

The black frame shown is all black.  What you see in these sample photos are light reflections in the frame.

Care of your photos

Take proper care when handling photographic materials by:

  • Having clean hands and wearing non-scratching, microfiber or nitrile gloves, having a clean work area.  Yes, even the mat will pick up oils from your hands.
  • Keeping food and drink away
  • Not marking photographs, even on the back side
  • Not using paper clips or other fasteners to mark or organize prints
  • Not using rubber bands, self-adhesive tape, and/or glue on photographic materials


Good storage and display is arguably the most important preservation measure for photographic prints:

  • A relatively dry (30-40% relative humidity), cool (room temperature or below), clean, and stable environment (avoid attics, basements, and other locations with high risk of leaks and environmental extremes)
  • Minimal exposure to all kinds of light; no exposure to direct or intense light
  • Distance from radiators and vents
  • Minimal exposure to industrial (particularly sulfur-containing) atmospheric pollutants
  • Protective enclosures within a box

Hanging your framed photo.

All of our framed pieces come with the wire already mounted.  We suggest using two hooks to hang your photo.   Not necessarily because of the weight, but to help prevent movement and for safety.   You will want to place your hooks about 1/3 of the way in from the outer edge of each frame.    So if your frame measures about 22″  you want to come in about 7″ from each edge.

Frames hung with one hook are like a pendulum.  With two hooks they are stable.   Just about every house gets vibrations from walking across the floor.  These slight vibrations transfer to the wall and over time can cause a photo to shift slightly and need straightening.  Using two hooks helps to eliminate this movement.

For any questions please contact us.