Customer Comments

Nov 2019

My cousin saw the picture you did and was so impressed.  They are gorgeous, what a fitting tribute to thos who hae passed.     Thanks again for getting the pics done.  So many compliments on the pics.   CH

June 2018


“I purchased the Bus Grave yard picture on canvas a couple of weeks ago and wanted to tell you my Husband loved it!.                       

I think I told you he is a retired School Bus Driver so the picture really stirs up a lot of feelings for him. He showed his former co-workers and they all loved it too,

As for me, its a great picture, looks good in my home and is a conversational piece.”

Warm Regards,



“The scenes of Chicago that I purchased from you are now hung and look great in my home.  I just love them.”



Oh WOW!!

It’s really amazing to see the farm in photographs!! Thank you for taking these. They will be treasured for years to come.

Warm Regards, Joyce  K 



For quite a few years we photographed the Cowalunga bike tour.   Some of our work was featured in their advertising and publications.   

Gurnee Mill photo is 15’x5′
Mailings and flyers

For questions regarding our accomplishments.



Over the years we have won many awards, from best of show to sponsor awards.  These awards show the interest and acceptance of our exceptional black and white photography.

We have been written about in the Daily Herald newspaper and other publications.  We thank you our customers for making our photographic art so worthy of these awards.


From our Multi Media show customers

Its absolutely Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much. It’s better than I imagined even. AO Aug 2020

I honestly think it made him cry. He wanted to express his sincerest gratitude. Thank you again so much for putting this together. AO 8/2020

THE VIDEO WAS AWESOME! Brought me to some tears!! dh 8/2020