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Artist Statement

Capturing scenes of America and presenting them in black and white so the viewer can visualize them in the theater of their mind. A similar concept to reading a book or watching the movie. Allowing each viewer to develop their own feelings and visions. These American scenes show the declining state of living in rural America along with the familiar scenes of urban America, just as you remember them. Whatever the locale, on the best of days these images will stir up unexpected feelings and thoughts in the viewer.

Our work can be seen on our website and at various art shows across the midwest, see our calendar (on the sidebar, on right) for dates and times.  

Our work is also proudly displayed at Creative Soul Gallery in Green Lake WI. 


Artists Biographies  

Bill (David) Kruser

Bill’s photos allow each viewer to develop their own feelings and visions. The images will stir up unexpected feelings and thoughts in the viewer. He has won national awards in black and white photo competitions. Bill has some of his work at Creative Soul Gallery in Green Lake WI. He has won many competitions at local, regional and national levels. Bill served for 8 years as Art Commissioner in his home town of Arlington Heights IL. Currently a volunteer coordinator for the police department in Arlington Heights.  Bill was educated at the Vogue Photography School of Chicago. He has lived all his life in Chicago and the Chicago Metropolitan area.



Cindy (Kay) Kuffel

A longtime resident of Arlington Heights, IL she has always loved photography and started taking pictures as a young child with her Brownie Camera. Today she loves black and white photography, giving some a touch of color, and processes her photos either digitally or in a darkroom. Cindy is co-owner of Images by David Kay, Ltd., a member of the Arlington Camera Club where she has served as Co-President, Coordinator for Special Events and Travel and Coordinator for Exhibits. Previously she was a member of the Arlington-In-Pictures, which took pictures of the Arlington Heights area for archival purposes. In addition, Cindy has co-chaired the Photography Committee for the Chicago Festival Association’s McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Durand’s Future Golf Tournament and Respiratory Health Association’s CowaLUNGa 3-day bike ride. Cindy also enjoys photographing senior citizens, special events and corporate functions.


Awards and Comments


I purchased the Bus Grave yard picture on canvas a couple of weeks ago and wanted to tell you my Husband loved it!.

I think I told you he is a retired School Bus Driver so the picture really stirs up a lot of feelings for him. He showed his former co-workers and they all loved it too,

As for me, its a great picture, looks good in my home and is a conversational piece.
Warm Regards,